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Ramavadi was established in 1989. The primary surgery of our clinic is rhinoplasty, nose surgery. Although our clinic is not big, it is very focused. We don't provide many kinds of surgery because what we have sought is quality. We are keen to produce meticulous results, and our clinic is committed to being a place where patients who suffered bad rhinoplasty elsewhere can resort to. If you agree with us that our attitude and commitment will most likely direct us towards mastery, then we are prepared to show you where we are in the path leading to it.

Rhinoplasty in Thailand

Our Patient
Our Patient

Rhinoplasty is medical operation for reshaping nose. Several branches of rhinoplasty exist in the art. However, as our clinic is located in Thailand, Asia, our service in this field is cosmetic augmentation rhinoplasty (the Queen of Facial Cosmetic Surgery), which is most popular among Asians and is in contrast to reduction rhinoplasty, which is widely performed among Caucasians. We have been focusing on this one single branch, in which we are most confident in our skill, in pursuit of the highest quality.

★ Satisfaction Policy ★

Ramavadi fully understands that you do not reach this page, or any other page of a surgical website, to get hurt, waste a hefty amount money, and just get disappointed. However, regardless of our high confidence in our skill, we still have to offer the following two policies to prove our ethics, sincerity, and uncompromising responsibility:

  • Free correction (at our discretion): we offer correction without charge - no hidden extras - if it is necessary

  • Full refund (with removal of our implant): if, however, requested

We cherish and increasingly seek patients' TRUST.

▼ Mantis Strut - Ramavadi's Pride ▼

Mantis Strut

One reason that renders our clinic stand out is our own unique invention. Dr. Sampandh Komrit, our surgeon and the inventor, stands among the implant inventors, who develop the knowledge of the art. Expectedly, we don't use other nasal implants in the market. Our knowledge takes its own place in the art.