Our Surgeon 2

Dr. Sampandh Komrit

The Surgeon

Dr. Sampandh Komrit

Our surgeon has experience of more than 25 years on augmentation rhinoplasty. Expectedly, he has been invited as a mentor to give lectures on augmentation rhinoplasty in several medical schools both domestically and internationally.

Having been with Thai surgeons for long, he has realized that many Thai cosmetic surgeons in various fields are seasoned professionals. Accordingly, in cooperation with other prominent Thai surgeons and surgical associations, he has purposed the idea of promoting Thai cosmetic surgery, aiming to centralize Thailand as the main surgical hub of Asia.

Interestingly, Dr. Sampandh Komrit is the first Thai surgeon to embody his own comprehensive knowledge of this area of rhinoplasty and then prosecutes in patenting his own invention. Mantis Strut has been proven to bring in surgical successes by many surgeons after they have experienced its potential themselves.

Educational Background and Credentials

    1. M.D. from Ramathibodi medical school, Mahidol, Thailand
    2. ENT certificate from Siriraj medical school, Mahidol, Thailand
    3. Certificate for practicing facial plastic surgery